‘Periferia’: The Game

Across 2015 and 2016, Transnational Dialogues  has been developing a research on the shifting role of “marginals” as motors of social and cultural change – looking at perspectives from China, Brazil and Europe. The Brazilian designer Andrés Sandoval created a series of 32 stamps called “Periferia” (i.e., periphery), which represents elements, which he associates with the marginal areas of São Paulo, such as crowds, rain, floods, tear gas, drones or militar police. Continue reading ‘Periferia’: The Game

InDialogue 2016 Conference

Transnational Dialogues will present the 2016 Journal at the InDialogue 2016 Conference. InDialogue is a two day biennial international symposium that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice. This year the symposium will take place in Nottingham on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 December. Full programme and information is available here.

TD Journal 2016

The Journal mirrors the two principal thematic approaches of Transnational Dialogues for the year 2015-16. The first section, ‘Between Crowds and Empires’, examines the polarities of collaborative and sharing economies, taking into account the different cultural perspectives from Europe, China and Brazil. The second section, ‘Marginalia’, deals with the inequalities and racialisation of geopolitics, as well as with the practices of those groups and individuals that are seeking niches beyond traditional social structures.

Continue reading TD Journal 2016

Between Crowds and Empires | Beijing

The sharing economy has enjoyed remarkably rapid growth over the last five years and looks set to scale new heights over the next decade. Some projections put the sector’s revenues at $335 billion globally by 2025, and the scope for further widening its geographic reach remains huge. The core of the sharing economy is the distribution of unused resources. Continue reading Between Crowds and Empires | Beijing

Voices from Brazil: Making art in troubled times

During its last Residency, Transnational Dialogues recorded the voices of Brazilian artists and political activists. They answer about the role of the margins in the formation of artistic and political practices. This unmediated commentary originates in the current political turbulence that is affecting Brazil, as well as other countries throughout Latin America. Continue reading Voices from Brazil: Making art in troubled times

China-UK Street Art Link

With the support of Transnational Dialogues, curators Rachel Marsden and Andy Cooke have organised RareKind China, a showcase of the diverse visual identities of graffiti and street artists from China and the UK, who were invited to create original work that responds the international context of street art and to the 30-year history of the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA). Continue reading China-UK Street Art Link

Talk Real | Marginalia

In the midst of the current Brazilian political crisis, we ask how the margins can acquire a new centrality in crafting future alternatives in a moment where existing economic and democratic models seem to be failing us. This latest episode of Talk Real saw the participation of Giuseppe Cocco (political scientist, Rio de Janeiro), Clara Ianni (researcher and artist, São Paulo), Isabela do Lago (artist, Belém) and Jota Mombaça (performer and researcher, Natal). Continue reading Talk Real | Marginalia