Music Across

by Guilherme Peluci

I started researching about Conducted Improvisation in 2010, when Milagros “Chaya” Vasques (a musician, actress, clown and conductor from Argentina who was living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil) invited me to play with her “Frito na Hora” orchestra, where she used Santiago Vazques “percussión and ritmo con señas” method, to conduct improvisation.

One year Later in 2011, I attended to Walter Thompson’s Soundapainting workshop at FIMPRO – Improvisation International Festival, In Belo Horizonte. Since there I researched many kinds of Conducted Improvisation practices, and did a master Degree in the subject.

I was very hungry on this research. At the Master program, I got in contact with Butch Morris’ Conduction. In my opinion, one of the most elaborated methods of music collaboration. Butch Morris, traveled the world teaching and conducting many ensembles. Some of them developed by themselves and created their own system, based on Conduction.

One of those, is the London Improvisers Orchestra, initiated by Steve Beresford. So, when In August 2016, with the support of Transnational Dialogues, I had the opportunity to cross the ocean, and conduct this amazing Ensemble.


Philipp Wachsmann – violin
Tim Fairhall – double bass
Thodoris Ziarkas- double bass
Dave Tucker – guitar
Noel Taylor – clarinets
Adrian Northover – soprano saxophone
Caroline Kraabel – saxophones
Klaus Bru – saxophones
Loz Speyer- trumpet
Adam Bohman – objects
Steve Beresford – piano
Susanna Ferrar (violin)
Jerry Wigens (guitar)

Ben Brown drums (from Canada)
Davide Piersanti- trombone – (Berlin)
Ulf Mengersen – double bass- (Berlin)
Pei Ann – violin (London)
Paulo Duarte- guitar- from Portugal
Julie Kjaer – saxophone – from Denmark

Caroline Kraabel
Steve Beresford
Ashley Wales
Guilherme Peluci
Philipp Watchsmann

The London Improvisers Orchestra originated as an extension of the “London Skyscraper” ensemble conducted by the late Butch Morris in 1998. Initiated by Steve Beresford, Ian MacGowan, and Evan Parker, amongst others, the idea was to further explore conducted improvisation. The LIO membership and guest-ship alumni includes almost all the artists who have had weight in the British improvisation scene (see the LIO website for details), plus many stellar guests from further afield. The work of the LIO is documented in several CD album releases and these are available on their website.

Guilherme was a Fellow of Transnational Dialogues 2015-16.

[Cover image: Butch Morris at the Knitting Factory, NYC, 31 January 2005. Photo by Jon Hurd]