Committee (2015-16)

Luigi GalimbertiLUIGI GALIMBERTI was Director of Transnational Dialogues (2012-2016). He has been collaborating with the NGO European Alternatives since its foundation and was associate editor of Naked Punch Review. He holds a bachelor in sociology and has obtained postgraduate qualifications in international relations and cultural management. His research and professional interests span from cultural dialogue to the exploration of new fields of knowledge and expression in visual arts. | Team MARGINALIA

Andressa ViannaANDRESSA VIANNA is a multimedia producer, who loves the intersection between technologies (old and new) in social and civil matters. She trained as a researcher in traditional cultures and contemporary myths. She also studied Cinema and Digital Medias. She has been working in collaborative projects and horizontal methodologies, including art, political and collective organizations for urban and street manifestations. She believes in self-narrative and self-empowerment for people, objects, knowledge, feelings and machines for a less hypocrite comprehension of culture. | Team HACK YOUR BORDERS

BARBARABARBARA SZANIECKI is a designer, lecturer and researcher at the Superior School of Design at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Her graphic work and research explores the articulation of aesthetics and politics. She is author of Estética da Multidão (Civilização Brasileira, 2007) and Disforme Contemporâneo e Design Encarnado: Outros Monstros Possíveis (Annablume, 2014). She is also a member of the activitst’ network Universidade Nômade.

lmLORENZO MARSILI is the current executive director of European Alternatives. His main areas of work include developing the political positions of the organisation, co-managing Transnational Dialogues, and establishing the European initiative for Media Pluralism. He is part of the Transnational Board and is the coordinating editor of the Editorial Board. Lorenzo’s interests include bottom-up transnational democracy and political practice, and contemporary Chinese politics and intellectual production. He was founding editor of the quarterly journal Naked Punch. | Team MARGINALIA

Ma Yongfeng in Bologna - 12th May_2MA YONGFENG 馬永峰 is an artist and cultural producer who lives in Beijing. He currently runs the project Forget Art, which contains flexible and changeable characteristics, including exhibitions, guerrilla interventions, social media and application of street politics, etc. The tactic Ma employs is to input new concepts and methods by subtly becoming involved in the mechanisms, applying them to his social practices and resistances. Ma has engaged in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions at major institutes of contemporary arts in China and overseas. | Team MARGINALIA

Robin Resch

ROBIN RESCH is an artist and curator from Berlin. In his artistic work he researches on the visual representation of power in architecture and urban development by making use of performance, antique photography and installation. His curatorial projects aim at creating collective processes that combine artistic statements, researches and reflections to enable synergies and understandings that bring together a variety of different disciplines. He believes that the role of the artist as a creative subject is to be redefined and that collective projects and approaches are essential to deal with the challenges of our global world. Over the last years he has conducted several research trips, curatorial projects and exhibitions in collaboration with Brazilian, Chinese and different European partners. As an editor he has just recently published the bilingual book on Urban Urgencies/Urgencias Urbanas Rio-Berlin. He is a founding member of Artoholics – tracing on cultural, social and urban phenomena and a member of urban dialogues Berlin. Resch holds a Master in Spacestrategies – Exploratory Art in Public Sphere from Art School Berlin-Weißensee and a diploma in International Arts Management. | Team BETWEEN CROWDS AND EMPIRES

You MiYOU MI 由宓 is a media artist and media theorist by training, and works as researcher, curator and writer in the arts. She has worked with theater director LIN Zhaohua, TIAN Gebing, film director LU Chuan and Oscar-winning art director Tim Yip on various film, stage and exhibition productions. Her own film and works has been included/shown in Siggraph, Lisbon Triennale, Athens Biennale, Berlinale and on British Channel 4. Her curatorial projects often involves longer term research, such as Dashila(b) a long-time artistic urban intervention project in Beijing. She is fellow of Independent Curators International and German Chancellor Fellowship. | Team MARGINALIA