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The Making of a Logo: From Finland to Brazil

As it has been recently announced, Transnational Dialogues now sports a brand new logo. Despite its unique character and elegant style, the former logo – for which we are still very grateful to its excellent designer, Lorella Pierdicca of LLdesign – could not keep up with the recent evolution of the project, which went from being a Sino-European think-tank to a truly transnational exchange platform for art and culture. Therefore, a new logo was needed. But, as it is rather common in our approach, it came spontaneously and adventurously.

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TD Keeps Crossing Borders

After three years since it has started, Transnational Dialogues presents its brand new logo.

Far from being a mere graphic restyling, this change represents the evolution of the project from a Sino-European think-tank to a truly transnational platform for art and culture. While keeping its headquarters in Europe (London, Paris and Rome) and China (Beijing and Chongqing), in 2014 Transnational Dialogues goes to Brazil, but is already expanding its network in other areas of the world (e.g., Myanmar).

Transnational Dialogues is a unique project which brings together artists, curators, art managers and researchers from a wide array of disciplines. It promotes sharing of information, networking, and conceptual collaboration in a truly transnational fashion among individuals and organizations. The project, which has started thanks to the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union, now relies on an articulate network of partners and funders, which sustains its activities throughout the world.

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