First Caravan Brazil (15/02-24/02)

The First Caravan of Transnational Dialogues 2014 took place in Sao Paulo (15/02-19/02) and Rio de Janeiro (19/02-24/02). The programme has been curated by Transnational Dialogues’ coordinator Robin Resch together with multimedia producer Andressa Vianna (Sao Paulo) and artist Tahian Bhering (Rio de Janeiro). About 30 young artists, curators, art managers, architects, designers and researchers in a wide array of disciplines took part in the Caravan (see full profiles).

The programme of the First Caravan has included a series of seminars, workshops, studio visits, city tours and other forms of exploration throughout Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Two public events also took place. On Tuesday 18th February (8 – 10 PM) at Casa de Povo in Sao Paulo, a round-table about “Self-managing, independent, and community art spaces, and the art system” with participants from Casa da Cultura Digital, Baixo Centro and Transnational Dialogues (programme to follow soon). Furthermore, on Firday 21st February (4 – 7 PM) at MAC Niteroi, a series of presentations and discussions “Artivism” and “Art and Protest” with the participation of, among others, Giuseppe Coco from Universidade Nomade and Guilherme Verguara, director from MAC (programme to follow soon). The events are free and open to everyone.

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A full report on the activities of the First Caravan has been published in the Transnational Dialogues Journal 2014.