Impact Hub Recife – 9 April 2015

Project’s coordinator Luigi Galimberti will present Transnational Dialogues at The Impact Hub Recife, on Thursday 9 April, h 19:00.

The Impact Hub is a network of over 60 hubs and 10,000 active members located throughout the world. Each site gives social innovators flexible access to places where they can work, learn, and collaborate. More about the Impact Hub phenomenon can be read in this article, which illustrates the challenges of a movement emerged in the wake of the anti-globalization waves that arose in the late 1990s, which then turned into a sustainable business model and into an extended network of (mostly young) entrepreneurs. The precarious balance between creativity, the market and social issues, which characterizes the Hub’s history, will definitely be among the topics of the discussion.

Transnational Dialogues at Impact Hub Recife
Thursday 9 April, h 19:00
Rua do Bom Jesus, 180, Recife
More information: +55 (81) 3048-3685