Russia, Europe, China and Brazil: The artist, the market, the State

You are all invited to come and discuss on independent art spaces with contributions from China, Russia and Europe at Casa Do Povo, Sao Paulo, on Tuesday 18th February, 20h00-22h00.

The discussion will depart from an analysis of the Chinese context, in which the market and State – most often materalizing as a single, Leviathan-style, entity – do not leave space for independent creation, in particular when political or social issues are involved. Experiences from all over Europe, China, Russia, and Brazil, will be brought forward with the hope of identifying a transnational resistance against the State-market oppression from artists, intellectuals, but most of all from the people to which art and culture speak to.

Speakers include: Mariana Lorenzi (Casa do Povo), Luigi Galimberti (Transnational Dialogues), Maurício Coronado (Baixo Centro), Chiara Tinonin (The Art Newspaper), Maria Monteiro (Casa Juisi Phosphorus), and Anna Arutyunova (Vedomosti.Friday).

18th February 2014, 20:00-22:00
Auto-gestão, espaços de arte comunitários e independentes / Self-managing, Independent, and Community Art Spaces
Casa Do Povo, Rua Três Rios, 252, Bom Retiro, São Paulo