At Studio-X Rio: Artists’ Interventions and Processes of Urban Regeneration

On February 20th (10-12 AM) at Studio-X Rio, Barbara Szaniecki (Italy/Brazil), Ren Han (China), Pedro Rivera (Brazil), Robin Resch (Germany), and others, will discuss on artist interventions and processes of urban regeneration. You are invited to join us in this truly transnational dialogue.

By upgrading its city centre and restructuring the area around Porto Maravilha within the framework of the Olympics 2016, and more generally revitalizing and displacing lower income neighborhoods, Rio applies a narrow planning strategy attempting to boost international investment and augmenting its symbolic capital as a competitive global city. Transnational Dialogues wants to discuss these urban transformation processes within a global perspective. After short inputs on the local situations in Europe and China, the discussion will focus on how artists and activists research, comment and intervene around this ambivalent set of transformation processes.

20th February 2014, 10:00-12:00
Intervenções artísticas e o processo de regeneração urbana / Artists’ Interventions and Processes of Urban Regeneration
Studio-X Rio, Praça Tiradentes, 48, Rio de Janeiro