Hack (y)our Borders Workshop – London, 13-14 June 2015

Want to discover how people experience & break down invisible borders across Europe? // Want to come up with ideas with people from across Europe, China and Brazil for how to bring communities together from different walks of life? // Want to learn how to make urban furniture that can be used and repurposed for people to use in exciting ways, in public spaces?

Report now available online. Project's diary constantly updated on ECF Lab "Public Space Makers".

Saturday 13 June @ 11.00-17.00
Sunday 14 June @ 11.00-15.00

Herne Hill Station 
SE24 0JW London
United Kingdom

Please, reserve your free ticket: https://goo.gl/ivdYDs

As globalisation breaks down geographic, cultural & economic borders, it impacts our lives, creating new opportunities, but also new insecurities. Not knowing how to navigate a world constantly redefined, many people become tempted to re-create cultural & psychological borders to protect themselves from what they can’t control. We want to discover what invisible borders people experience using public spaces, be they social, cultural or psychological and… how people are breaking down these borders. What if you could create devices and activities that help people break down and hack these borders?

The workshop “Hack (y)our Border” is organised by European Alternatives within its projects Transnational Dialogues and Hack (y)our Border, in collaboration with radarq and Laimikis, and with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and of the Idea Camp programme of the European Cultural Foundation.

[Cover photo: Alternative map of London, Hack (y)our Borders, 2015]