maumau – Recife, 7 April 2015

Join us  for an informal discussion around Transnational Dialogues 2015-2016 at maumau in Recife (Rua Nicaragua, 173 Espinheiro), on Tuesday 7 April 2015. Themes and ideas concerning this new edition of the project will be shared and openly discussed with those who attend. Luigi Galimberti will also present the Transnational Dialogues Journal 2014 with articles by Luiz Camillo Osorio, Hu Fang, Barbara Szaniecki, Jota Mombaça and many others.

Should you wish to attend, join our event on Facebook. The discussion will be in English and Portuguese. Many thanks to maumau for hosting this meeting!

Transnational Dialogues at maumau
Tuesday 7 April 2015, h 18:00
Rua Nicaragua, 173 Espinheiro, Recife