Voices from Brazil: Making art in troubled times

During its last Residency, Transnational Dialogues recorded the voices of Brazilian artists and political activists. They answer about the role of the margins in the formation of artistic and political practices. This unmediated commentary originates in the current political turbulence that is affecting Brazil, as well as other countries throughout Latin America.

Isabela do Lago is an artist and member of the terreiro Mansu Nangetu in Belém; Clara Ianni is a researcher and artist from São Paulo; Jota Mombaça is a performer, visual artist and researcher from Natal.





The three interviews were filmed during the Talk Real “Marginalia”, at Espacio 945, São Paulo, on 17 March 2016. The full episode of Talk Real can be watched here. We thank Goethe-Institut São Paulo for its support.

[Cover image: Occupation “Tina Martins” in Belo Horizonte, March 2016– Photo by Iva Cukic]