Public Thought and the Needs of the Artists

by Tatiana Richard

Brazil’s economic context along with its regionalization directly influences the artistic production, historically concentrated on big urban centers, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, ultimately gaining capillarity in locations like Recife, a city now recognized as a major producer of contents related with new technologies. Its cultural investments take place through several programs and projects, which have the tax incentives laws as main funding method. Yet, why is there a permanent dissatisfaction regarding public investments, especially among artists?

Read the rest of the article in the Transnational Dialogues Journal 2014 (pp. 48-49, PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH).

Tatiana Vieira Assumpção Richard is Public Manager of Cultural Promotion for the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and researcher in the field of economy and funding for culture.

[Cover photo: “Transnational Dialogues at Fabrica de Bhering, Rio de Janeiro, February 2014” by Tahian Bhering]