Micro Body Language

Transnational Dialogues proudly supports “Micro Body Language”, opening at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts on September 11th 2014. “Micro Body Language” focuses on vanguard and experimental art language which is based on body media.

As the first body art festival within mainland China, “Micro Body Language” is a fusion of modern dance, butoh, body theater, performance art and experimental music. With an aim of exploring and exhibiting the lost and folded human body, and of establishing and presenting a live body contemporary art field, “Micro Body Language” will invite artists from Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China to offer audience in the city of Xi’an and Cheng Du various activities including live showcase, round table talk, video lecture, master workshop and joint improvisation.

“Micro Body Language” has been curated by Zhou Bin (Guest Artist, Third Transnational Caravan), Esme Wang (Participant, Transnational Dialogues 2014) and Gao Yuan. Among the many artists performing at the Festival are Alessandro Rolandi (Coordinator, Second Transnational Caravan) and Megumi Shimizu, who have been collaborating with Transnational Dialogues since 2012.

More information on the Festival website.