Art for All: A video‐interview with artist Ma Yongfeng

Artist Ma Yongfeng tells us about his practice as an interventionist artist in China. He talks about how he integrates elements from society, politics and economics in his work in order to bring new energy into it. He also reflects on how art has lost connection with the people or, as he suggests it, it never actually had it. However he thinks that it is now the time to break all barriers and fill this gap. “We do not want art to be limited to some artistic or cultural elites”, Ma says. Watch the video and find out how!

Ma Yongfeng is a conceptual artist and performer, animator of the art collective Forget Art in Beijing, focussed on interventionist, situationist strategies. He has exhibited widely across Europe, the United States and China – most recently in The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now at the MoMA PS1 in New York. Amongst his various artistic collaborations, it is worth mentioning that with Sensibility Under Control, a project run by curator and artist Alessandro Rolandi.